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On this page, we will be presenting various articles and news summaries regarding the Japanese electronics industry. These news items have been translated from various newspaper articles and company announcements. The translation has been done by a senior JVS member.

When do we buy video cameras?

05 April 2014

In Australia we buy them around Christmas time mostly and before memorable trip such as honeymoon and overseas trip. In our workshop we sometimes playback the footage the customer took for test after repair. Usually a number of people, adults and kids together are displayed on any of most popular footage we have seen including kid birthday, wedding, and reception parties as well as reunion with friends and relatives.

There is one exception that a husband of a newly wed couple is taking video of a young wife.

4k Environment

16 March 2014

It can be said that 4k environment has been prepared progressively in the past year. Display devices, hardware of broadcasting stations, and sale of domestic 4k video cameras and 4k projectors by major manufactures make ready for a new viewing experience. Big sporting events such as world cup and Olympic in Brazil can spurt its momentum. A few epic technological breakthrough has had happened in our industry. Invention of television, change over to color display, popularization of Vcr, and ubiquitous image sensor in the recent times. Does 4k environment can follow these events?

Sharp in America

9 February 2014

Sharp has announced that under 50 inches TV made by EMS would be badged as SHARP and marketed by Best Buy in America. Best Buy is responsible for support and service. Sharp simply collects royalty. This is an interesting development. For retailers can sell well known brand TV's and no longer need to distribute unfamiliar name TV's with a very slim margin. Sharp can direct their resources on more bigger size TV's, which can be far more profitable, specially they have under utilized TV panel making factories. For sure this marketing strategy will follow in Australia. When JVC decided to sub-contact the whole TV business in America to Taiwanese company, a veteran employee called it" forbidden move ". Nonetheless forbidden moves seem inevitable.

Japanese engineers abroad.

4 February 2014

“Restructuring” in Japanese electronics industries in the recent decades led to out flow of Japanese engineer and technician to neighboring countries such as China, Taiwan, and Korea. Attention in details characteristics which is inherent in Japanese people was specially praised. Specialist manufacturing engineers and designers of LSC crossed the ocean of Japan. They usually live in single bachelor accommodation near the company factories and their wife and children have a separate life in home towns. A short flight time only ease their unfamiliar environs and anxieties.

3D technology in the medical market.

4 December 2013

It can not be said that 3D technology is accepted enthusiastically for the domestic entertainment market. A new approach with 3D technology has found its way in the medical field.

To ease patient’s physical burden medical operation with endoscopes rather than open surgery has been getting common. Three dimensional displays of patients’ internal organs can make surgeon’s operation easier. With 4k and specialized material components display, major Japanese electronics manufactures are shifting 3 k technology from existing markets.

TVs as the face of a company.

9 November 2013

At the hey day of Japanese consumer electronics manufacturing time it was said that TVs are the face of the company. A number of major electronics companies were trying to increase their market share. The engineers tried to bring about their best TVs on the shelves of the retail shop. The moving, colourful, small and big, quiet and flashing images with sound must attract everyone else’s attention. Rows and rows of TVs on the shelves were displayed in the shops. Engineers and technicians were proud of their own TVs distinctions from others in colour, sharpness, response, external frame, and design concept.

A new development for projectors

30 September 2013

It is reported that a new development for projectors has been progressed in various research companies. The idea is to display a video image on 3 dimensional objects rather than a flat 2 dimensional one. Controlling the output of the projected image from projectors in accordance to image projected surface, a car company pioneered the new product system. Projected image of various car data is displayed on the front glass instead of a small confined display unit. It increases the safety of car driving. Yet to be commercialized ideas are at a different stage of progress.

JVCkenwood is researching into a projected earth image which can be touched.

Brands and sales

20 September 2013

Which brands of products sell most?

It is worthwhile having a look at the findings of the prominent research company which covers 40/% of Japanese consumer electronics market by collecting point of sale data.

The list have a number of categories; flat screen tv, dvd recorder, audio, computer, car audio and camera products, and so on. The total dominance of Japanese brand has to be noticed. It is often said that the Japanese market is hard to penetrate and very fickle and the Japanese electronics consumer are over-entertained by choice in price and quality and service. Exception is computer related category.

In the personal computer market a couple of foreign brands on the top 10 list are allowed to exist although the tablet category is totally dominated by non Japanese ones.

4k TV

15 September 2013

Will 4 k tv be saviour of Japanese electronics companies in the coming decade?

Having experienced lukewarm reception of 3d television, they hope that 4k screen of high density pixels which give more clarity of color and detailed picture would guarantee high price/high profit cycle. As for El display tv, two major manufactures are finding themselves difficult to streamline the manufacturing process of the panels. At the moment the contents of 4 k broadcasting are rare. Yet the coming world wide sporting events give stimulus for their growing volume.

Having seen 4k tv up take exceeding expectation, Panasonic have recently decided to sell theirs in the Japanese tv market which have been shared by Sony, Sharp, and Toshiba ones.

Merger between Panasonic and Sanyo

23 November 2008

The merger between Panasonic and Sanyo has been announced this month. The founder of Sanyo is the brother in law of Kounosuke Matsushita, the founder of Panasonic. The two companies have always had a close relationship, and their headquarters are within walking distance of each other. The main reason for this merger is that Panasonic are interested in the battery technology of Sanyo. Panasonic has stopped being the majority shareholder of JVC, and has instead gone towards a merger with Sanyo. The restructuring of the whole industry will likely continue.